Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Facility

Overview of Services

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Facility supports many OMRF investigators by providing flow cytometry training, analysis and multi-parameter, high speed cell sorting.

Mr. Jacob Bass and Dr. Diana Hamilton have completed the factory courses for these instruments and conduct all cell sorts for users. They also perform routine maintenance and database archiving on the instruments and provide guidance on staining, sorting, special applications and analysis. In addition, they train postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and technicians in operation of the FACSCelesta and LSR II.

Cell Analyzers:

  • Aurora
  • FacsCelesta
  • FacsCalibur

Cell Sorter:

  • FacsAriaIIIu
  • MoFlo XDP


Jacob Bass|Manager of Core Facility

Diana Hamilton|Sr. Technical Specialist

Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Available 24/7 with activated badge 

     825 NE 13th Street
     Oklahoma City, OK 73104
     Room E402

Links and Resources

  1. BD Bioscience Training and E-Learning
  2. BD Bioscience Multicolor Flowcytometry
  3. BioLegend Spectra Analyzer
  4. Fluorescence SpectraViewer
  5. Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jacob Bass
Manager of Core Facility
825 NE 13th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Linda Thompson
825 NE 13th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104